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Welcome,My Name is PrometheanMan Rebellion Gaming is A Halo community where customs flow like water and the Community involvement is extraordinary.I’v been in Rebellion Gaming For about 2 years now and I have and am loving every minute of it. We are always looking for new people to join are community we are a kind and nice community of gamers to hang out with.

We have abundant amounts of fun and have a great time together here is a bit of what we are and what we do.We are a community in halo the master chief collection we host custom games Monday thru Friday all year round,We look for competitive/non-competitive players in the halo community to join us in competition map making anything you can imagine.We are always looking for ways to expand such as are website,here on the halo channel,are new YouTube channel,or simply online Recruiting.All of this is not possible without you are Members.

When and if you join? When you join it may take a little while to get used to the hang of things such as the meeting time 8:00est or are ranking system, If you decide you want to join though here are a few requirements.

1. You need to change your emblem and clan tag.
2. You need a mic (easier communication).
3. You need to attend at least 1 meeting a week (8:00est).
4. You need to agree to are code of conduct (A few simple rules & Guidelines).
5. And meet the age requirement (which you can tell me when you are getting recruited).

You can contact Me on the Xbox One By the gamertag of: PrometheanMan

Thank You for choosing Rebellion Gaming