Join our Custom Game Nights! Every Friday and Saturday!

Hello I am Aurafox735, founder of FreedomReach Gaming. We are a gaming community dedicated to Halo Reach Custom Games. We have custom games every Friday and Saturday @ 9:30pm Eastern time. FreedomReach Gaming was founded about 5 months ago and we have reached 54 members and counting and about 21 members active on average. Our lobbies are filled to the brim of 16 people a night. Now 54 people is pretty good for a community that hasn’t done much promoting but now we are starting to promote and showcase videos of our game nights.

We have 2 different Game Nights.

-Community Game Night
Every Friday @ 9:30pm Eastern (Time may vary) We have community Game Night. Through out the Whole night we play all sorts of Custom Games, we even play YOUR custom games (P.S BETA TESTING MAPS IS FROWNED UPON DURING THE GAME NIGHT) This is also a great way to get your maps critiqued and promoted since we record our game nights from time to time.

-Zombie Night
Everyone’s FAVORITE night! Every Saturday @ 9:30pm Eastern Time we spill the blood of the undead! On Zombie Night we play infection through out the whole night. We mostly play FRG Zombies. What is FRG Zombies you ask? Well it is Freedomreach Gaming’s own Zombie infection Gametype. In FRG zombies it takes 5-7 hits to kill a human but the catch is health and shields DO NOT recharge. Trust me it is WAY harder then it sounds. We mostly play this gametype through out the night but we will also play other zombie gametypes as well. But thats not all we do on Zombie Night. We also play Honor Rules gametypes we call Scenarios. Scenarios on Zombie Night are Objective based Zombie games such as E-vac, survival, Retrieve, Medic, and other objective based zombie games. Scenarios are probably the most loved thing here at Freedomreach Gaming! So come and join us for some crazy Zombie slaying

So how bout it? will you join us for some custom gaming? We are open to all players, don’t worry about your skill. We all just aim to have fun!

Now how do you join Game Night? Simple! Just add the gamertag below.

Freedomreach 1

Once you have done that you will be well on your way to Game Night. You will receive an invite on the night we have a Game Night but to ensure you get one be sure to appear ONLINE and Be on Halo Reach. We usually invite those on the game FIRST. P.S We cannot reserve any spots so first come first serve. but if we have constant messages of people wanting to join but the lobby is full we will host a second lobby. ALSO! We do not invite from the gamertag! Be sure to watch for invites from our Staff Members. Staff members are listed below.

Aurafox735 - Founder and Chief Administrator
Black Snow13 - Moderator
Bladewind - Moderator and Administrator
elyk0596 - Moderator
Echo Rewards - Moderator (Forum Monkey)
IV Optikz VI - Moderator

We hope to see you at our upcoming game night! If any you have any question please message Aurafox735.

If you would like to take a peek at our game nights be sure to check out our Youtube channel. Be sure to check the Game Nights Playlist.

:slight_smile: all r welcome