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Hey guys, and welcome to my Spartan Company!

So if you don’t know me already Im a small Halo YouTuber, with over 100 subscribers. I’ve recently joined the HaloFollower team and I love to make Halo content for all my fans and the Halo Community. The content within my channel mostly range from news, Req Pack Openings, Custom Mini Games & much more!

I wanted to make this Clan to interact with you guys alot better and to build a community around my channel and this Spartan Company.

If you’d wish to join the Spartan Company, just send me a request and you’ll be added to the ReflexHALO company. Anyway thank you for all the support on my channel and on Social media as well.

You can also find me on:

YouTube : ReflexFollower
Twitter : ReflexFollower
Instagram : ReflexFollower
Twitch: ReflexFollower

Thank you for your time,
See you in the battlefield Spartans.

Add me, Gamertag: A7eh