Join Me Harbingers of Death

I am the leader of The group called Harbingers of Death. of you think your pro enough then message me on Xbox 360 LA CRONUS. The reason y I am building this group is to Prove my oldest friend that I can leader because I let him down when we made a can called URG or United Revolution Gaming. We had a Halo 4 division and we didn’t have enough activity with members and then URG was disbanded. Then we made a clan known as Legacy Army we are a destiny clan and we have 227 members. If you are willing to help me to prove him wrong that I can lead. The group is basically like many clans under one banner. if anyone has seen lord of the rings. how rohan is like a lot of separate clans under one banner basically is what I’m trying to do. Thank you for your Time if your a clan leader and want more information send me a party invite or message.

Harbingers of death was a group me n a few others started when halo reach first came out. Kinda nice to see someone still carrying that banner.