Join Ivory Company

Hello Spartans. Welcome to ivory company. We are a casual clan that will slowly become more serious as members and numbers rise. We want anyone of any skill level. Mics are required, and you must pass a very basic skill demonstration to show you’re not horrible at the game. (But you don’t have to be a god.)
What do we do?: Everything. Campaign, Forge, Warzone, Arena, Custom Games. You name it. We will have several divisions of Spartans. These divisions aren’t game modes you HAVE to play, but you are specialized in, or are specifically good at.
The Cartographers: Spartans in charge of Map creation and creative aspects. Colors: Sage and light blue .
Griffball Team: Sage and Orange
Breakout Team: Obvious from the name isn’t it?
Colors: Sage and Red.
Spartan Infantry: These are general Arena players. Colors: Sage and Tan
Spartan Comanders: My top 10 Best overall players. Legendary Campaign completion is a must, and must complete a specific course in a time limit. Colors: White and Gold You are the highest in command under me.
Message me on Xbox live, or here on waypoint to Join.

What am I?
breakout team.
griffball team.