Join in Session - Matchmaking

In my opinion it wasn’t the greatest idea ever to add to Halo since, none of the Halo’s before hand had “Join in progress” for matchmaking. It’s silly because I sometimes join a game that is 3/4 done and the team I join is down by like 20 kills and there’s no way to come back from it because the other team have had loads of Ordnance and have control over the high ground so they’ll just dominate even more.

They should of just left this part of Matchmaking alone and made it so you joined a fresh game every time, not joining a game that is almost over and you’re going to lose within 3 minutes of joining the game.

So my question is: Is there anyway it can be altered so you join a game that is a bit more balanced on points? Not where one team has like a 300 point advantage over the other team.


The join in progress “feature” has definitely killed my ability to play Halo when none of my friends are online. I tried doing some of that regicide daily earlier and joined a game where the king was already above 200 points… why even bother???

It only makes sense and is useful for joining friends who have open slots. Other than that it’s just annoying, especially when you join a match where your team is losing a hopeless match.

I had this happen to me 5 games in a row yesterday, where I would join the losing team that was down more than 20 kills and or the game only had 3-5 kills to win.

I wuld rather join a game that is almost over than relive some of the worst matches I’ve ever had where over half my team has left.

I don’t quite enjoy 1v4 or 4v8, etc, etc. If you do, then more power to you, but I don’t. So I like join in progress. It’s already saved numerous matches for me in Halo 4.

Almost ever single shooter game has Join In Progress now. It was inevitable for Halo and I’m honestly surprised it took so long. With how much people used to quit in Halo, it should have been implemented in Halo 3.