Join in Progress still needs to be improved

So i’m playing regicide currently and it is really frustrating that I join a Regicide match were someone already has 110 points and me starting with 0…

My suggestion is that they still need to lower the JIP especially on FFA gametypes.

It did that to me last night and it kind of sucked. I did alright for the circumstances but I wasn’t able to win because of how short the match wound up being for me.

I get the feeling that JIP only takes into account stats at the time of finding the match, not what’s going on while you’re sitting there waiting for the game to load. Between the time it takes from a started game to the time it lets you start playing, someone can nab quite a few kills. That’s an advantage you don’t really want players having.

I don’t think JIP can ever truly work in FFA, no matter how you set it.

When waiting in a que to join a friend it updates the current in game score so if 343 could implement so that if a match is more than a 1/4 of the way through time limit or score limit the JIP is disabled (except for flood maybe) this is prevent people joing matches where the team youve joined is being thrashed thus ruining your experience (and stats for the pros or those who just like them)

I have no desire to play Slayer Pro so I back out of every lobby that is JiP in BTIS, that is another reason Slayer Pro needs its own playlist for those who do not mind JiP for BTB which I NOW actively try & avoid on the off chance it is Slayer Pro