Join in Progress Needs to Go. ASAP

JiP makes me absolutely furious while playing Halo 4. It’s seemingly unfair and virtually useless and unnecessary overall. What’s the point of joining a game where the score is perhaps 360-120, and you’re put on the team with 120 points? The chances of a comeback are very slim, and it’s obvious that the other team will win and destroy you for the remaining 240 points.

Earlier today I was playing Regicide and joined a game that was in progress. YES, a REGICIDE game that was in progress. The leading scorer was at 220 points, how the hell is this fair for me? It’s absolutely ridiculous and JiP needs to go. It does not belong in a game like Halo 4.

yeah I would like to see join in go as well as the kill cam and the instant respawn stuff. I dont think none of that should be in Halo. I would like to see guns on the battlefield like it used to be also. I hope they can straiten this stuff out soon.

I’ve joined objective games that were already over before, just like COD.

I don’t think that it’s supposed to happen, but it still has a few times.

I think that 343 should allow people to set their search settings so that they only join games in lobby.

I love Instant Respawns, but i do share a deep hatred of Join in Progress, as well as KillCams. Kill Cams are just redundant, they don’t even work. But JIP is just plain bad, and it could never, ever work in a Halo game.

I agree with you. Yesterday I joined a game of BTB on Exile on the losing team and I enter the game with the score at 980-620. Whilst waiting to spawn I hear “Enemy team nearing victory” and the game ended after about 10 seconds of actual game time.

Utterly maddening, I haven’t felt so frustrated with Halo since Halo 2 standby. Complete waste of my time.

I agree with Shy Guy on this one. There should be an option for it.

But, honestly, I hope they don’t take it out entirely. With the idiotic sorting system they have, I end up on a team of 2 all the time, so JiP is a necessity for me.