Join In Progress & Map Voting & Voice Chat

Not sure other’s opinions on this, but I personally HATE joining in progress to a game where its already over and an automatic loss. Repeatedly I would join warzone games where we were being three capped completely, down 200-850 and they were about to destroy the core. It is the definition of an automatic loss. Then throw in the caveat of maybe using an ultra rare or legendary mission victory REQ, that becomes a complete waste as well: which is thousands of XP or REQ points (which really translate into currency) down the drain that you were saving hoping for a game from the start. Now I understand that some people don’t care if they join in progress, so I would like to make the suggestion that there is an option you would select before starting your search in warzone or social game types that allows you to perhaps check a box to turn off joining in progress. This way for people that really don’t want to be thrown into games that are over already, they have the option to only join matches that start at deployment. And for people that don’t really care, they can ignore this option and always leave it on. I think they would also have to take into account that if this prevented games from filling up when people are leaving because too many people are selecting an option to not join games in progress, maybe the winning team in a game where the losing team has had a lot of members quit out, would potentially get more XP and REQ. Just an idea.

Would really like the ability to at least vote for two maps and gametypes in the pregame lobbies. Three would be great, four would be too many. At least give us an option. There have been times where I would play arena for 2-3 hours and only play the same 3 maps. Truth, Regret, Colosseum seem to disappear.

Finally, no matter what navigation screen the fireteam leader is on, as soon as someone joins they are able to chat with each other. They don’t have to wait till the pregame lobby matches up with another team.

Don’t care about join in progress because it doesn’t effect Arena. I do feel strongly about map voting and can’t stress how -Yoink- it is and how it doesn’t help anything except to encourage same map repetition. A functioning map rotation is the only answer (I know H5s still needs work).