Join Immortality

Hey everyone!

It’s that time again when we are looking for new members to join our clan. Be sure you read EVERYTHING VERY CAREFULLY in this forum so you know what Immortality is all about and what we expect of you.

To describe my clan in short, Immortality is not only a clan, but a team, where skill, communication, and teamwork are the top priority. We are very skilled and we rarely lose matches. We are one of, if not, the best unknown clans out there. We also focus on fun and helping each other improve our game. If you are curious about which games we play, Halo 4 is the only game we are focused on right now. We have no interest in participating in any other games including the previous Halos.

To join Immortality you must:

  1. Hold an overall K/D of 1.20 or better
  2. Not cuss
  3. Have a mic
  4. Display the Immortality emblem at all times (once acquiring the rank of SR 50)
  5. Have the appropriate gender of Spartan (male gamers must have male Spartans and vice versa)
  6. Try and obey the leaders (Me and BASS LINE ANGEL) when given orders
  7. Respect other members in Immortality
  8. Obtain the approval of either me or BASS LINE ANGEL
  9. Have a completed game Win/Loss ratio of 50% or better

These are the rules that we expect everyone to follow. Take note that we DO NOT require anyone to hold a specific rank, but to have our emblem, you need to be at least SR 50. If you guys are interested in joining Immortality, please message either me or BASS LINE ANGEL, or post here in the forums, but if you want to join make sure you are serious about it. We have had players in the past who wanted to join, but they never joined me or BASS LINE when we invited them.

We are not strict leaders. Don’t be intimidated by the rules, because unlike most other clans and teams, they are easy to follow and don’t be afraid to ask questions. BASS LINE ANGEL and I are fair leaders, but we do want our team to be successful.

NOTE: If you do wish to join Immortality and you send me a message over XBL, make sure you send a friend request, because I WILL NOT consider your request if you don’t have a friend request to go with it. However, just because you do send a friend request DOES NOT MEAN I WILL ACCEPT IT. If you send me a friend request and a message regarding Immortality, I will check your stats on Waypoint. If you meet the first requirements right off the bat (K/D and Win/Loss) I will accept your friend request and we can see about letting you join. Otherwise, I will decline your friend request.

We hope to see you guys in Halo 4.

BASS LINE ANGEL - Immortality Leader
Spartan I043 - Immortality Leader

Immortality 2013…A new year, a new fight.

Please use your original recruitment thread. One thread per clan. Thanks.