Join Halo 5 Spartan Company

Looking for like minded competitive spartan warriors to join our company “Gawd Squad”. Interested in players looking to join other Spartans to compete in Warzone and Arena!!! Join now to conquer our enemies and prepare your Spartan for future wars!!!

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could i join i would love to grind and work for the helmet and grow better as a halo player

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Now, the sad part is, 343 completely removed the ability to join, leave, or even view Spartan Companies last year. That still makes me furious to this day.

Id love to join im decent or better and i have full jun watcher armor level 93 i grind and i have Carter’s armor im also 13 so if theirs a age limit in this group i mostly grind on warzone

Also my xbox username is Cocacolaboi 197 but you can already see that but if anyone wants to talk to me on xbox you can or if you wanna play i do make videos but mostly on vr. Iwill be making new videos on the gaming topic like halo maybe cod cus idk they have been drafted in money for there future -Yoink!- games like vangaurd