Join H.I.N.T the best clan opportunity for you.

Happiness,Intelligence,Nobility,and Teamwork this is a clan for everybody who wants to have fun with people and all play a game we love. Hi i am GNU0075 and i have created H.I.N.T for one purpose to breathe new life into the Halo clan community we have tons of huge communities out there that have lost the soul behind what really makes a clan great and that’s making friends. I have been part of a couple of clans over my time and have a small amount of knowledge in leadership. I am not saying that what the bigger clans do is wrong in fact there are somethings i agree with them on. Here are a few things you will need to know about this clan

  1. There will be a non-mandatory clan meeting once a week
  2. There will be a simple rank system simply because without leadership there is chaos
  3. This is a new clan that currently consists of myself
  4. A mic is required to be part of us
  5. We are here to enjoy the game!

So message me on XBL my GT is GNU0075 and we will go from there

Alot of things are still in development so there may be some changes in the early stages of this clan so please bear with me.

Thank you