Join Gamma Company Spartans

Hello, I’m Murph and I’m a Commander in Gamma Company spartans and Commander Operative. We are a very active and productive clan currently focusing on Halo: Reach, Mass Effect Series,MW3,and many other games.

We believe that everyone who’s a member of our clan should have a say in the changes and development of it. Our administrators are made up of a Democratic Committee of sorts that manage the clan as well as hold discussions and votes among the group for clan changes.

The ranking system we have will reward you upon ranking up and we also have a lot of group activities for you to do ranging from participating in game days to helping the group out by starring in our upcoming machinima.

Our group page is our main base of operations, although we do have a website.

So if you want to go out and have fun, meet new people, and join a clan where your opinions matter, this group is the group for you! Join Gamma Company Spartans Today!

We have a structured Democratic Committee with an organized ranking system. We offer specialized positions. We accept anyone who is willing to commit their time.

ill join