JOIN: Full Throttle Gaming

Full Throttle Gaming is a gaming community based on socialization, not skill. FTG is already 2,200 members strong, and we are always looking for more recruits. For anybody who wants to join, check us out at

I’m sorry but Clans that get popular aren’t good. Meaning KSI & FTG.

I was in your clan before with FTG Itease & FTG Madera. Trust me when we had are first Clan Battle with me in it, It was a Wreck. Not saying everybody in it is bad I mean I met Major’s & Colonel’s in it that could be MLG one day.

I believe that big clans like those should just end. Everything gets disorganized it like Divisions & Squads. This is why I go Beast mode when I see These clans.

P.S. I like Tacos


Also clans should never be based on Socialization. YUCK!!!

Actually FTG is a pretty chill clan to be in. Not everyone plays to attempt to be pro or whatever. No reason to. It’s a game, as in entertainment. Why so serious?