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Welcome to First To Strike
This company was recently made in an effort to unlock the Achilles armor set as soon as possible and also gather skilled players to join in fireteams for matchmaking. We were involved in another company on the hunt for Achilles which we will not name, however they were unwilling to remove inactive players and the leadership wasn’t open to any feedback from members. Our name is a reference to what is arguably the most time-consuming series of commendations necessary to unlock Achilles. We have several loose requirements in order to join, please keep in mind we are looking to the recruit the most active players to maximize our potential progress.

Requirements to join:

  • Diamond ranking (Any playlist, any season) - Positive Kill/Death Ratio (Above 1.000) - Actively playing multiple times a weekOnce full, we will be monitoring activity on a weekly basis and removing members who are not playing more than once or twice a week. Exceptions will be made on a case-by-case basis when notified in advance. (Vacations or other planned absences) You do not need to send us a custom request message in order to be considered however we will check your stats to ensure you meet the posted requirements.Click below to join!
    First To Strike