Join Duck Damnation!

Greetings, this is Duck Damnations military leader The Duck 303, our company specializes in making you experience halo as it should be: a competitive yet relaxing community. We participate in warzone, arena, custom games, forge, and the campaigns. Here is a list of requirements to be in our company:
Age 14+
Xbox one with halo 5 or the MCC
Xbox live gold
Good quality headset recommended but not required( kinect is unacceptable)
SR level 25+ ( once we reach 12 players it will be risen to level 35)
Some halo experience
Knows a little bit about callouts
Respect for teammates
Willing to give others a enjoyable time while having your own.

We currently only have 6 Spartans and need new recruits.
If I find any teammates reporting without reason, continuously betraying, continuously farming, or hacking they will be given a warning. If they do it again after the warning they will either be demoted or forced to resign from the company. Please read this and think about my offer.
The Duck 303

I would like to join.

I sent you a invite with a bit of information. Other than that, welcome to Duck Damnation!