Join Disciples of Dominance

If you are looking for a spartan company to work towards the Achilles armor and maybe team up with some people to play arena/warzone then please shoot me a join invite or message and I will be glad to accept you into Disciples of Dominance. Our only requirements are that you are friendly and active within halo 5 and the company.
We are currently at 80/100 capacity so send those invites in fast.

Sent a request to join.

I want to get the armor ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

We currently have three spots open and the highest SR will get them. We need players that will contribute towards the commendations as we are 4/5 on almost all commendations.
Disciples of Dominance

Still have two spots open!


We kicked all of the inactive players. Now we have 11 open spots. We’re 85% through our kill commendations.


Sitting at 92 members