Join DicksOutForHarambae

Join DicksOutForHarambae today! We are a prety laid back company with people that mostly have the helmet already. That being said, we still core everyone we match up against, including teams made up of dominated and devastated. If you’re looking for a spartan company that hasn’t lost a warzone match since the company was created a month ago then join us. We go just as hard in arena. We are mostly US with some Mex players as well. If you want to join then request to join or message either DreadKnottz or MTN 28, or add us on live. Our goal is to have multiple warzone lobbies and arena lobbies running at once now that we are actively recruiting.
Diamond or higher in arena, onyx prefered.
Decent activity.
MIC, we have US and Mex payers so someone will be on there to communicate with you.