Join Dark PerFectioN - 4 Years Strong!

Hello all, Dark PerFectioN (DPFN) - 4 years strong - is a gaming clan with its origins in Halo, but branches in many online games (Call of Duty, Battlefield, World of Warcraft) - you name it, we play it!

The main aspect of the group is our community site and the forums within. Whether you’re there just to post that awesome screenshot, talk about your favorite TV show, or have a good lengthy debate about something, the forums are always open and available for you. We’re always friendly and welcoming to newcomers, so there’s nothing to fear, we have members of all levels of skill and ability!

Please be sure to register if you are interested in being part of Dark PerFectioN, to really bring your experience alive! The more you post, the more you get out of it - it’s that simple! If you need any help with the site, or have questions about the group, please be sure to check out our FAQ page first or private message me.

> What do our members have to say about us?

[PheerTheReaper: This -blam!- will get you high.

[Aoi84: Other clans give you super cancer, DPFN got me -blam!-s <3

[Mykle: I like it here. I don’t even have to be playing Reach to enjoy the benefits. I can join party chat with friends playing other games or hope on the site chat/forums. It’s a competitive, fun clan.

Phoenix Fight3r: DPFN is by far the best clan out there, and I have seen quite a few. It is a social clan so you don’t have to worry about being good or showing up and we do have a lot of fun. Luckily we win most of our games anyway. Even if you aren’t playing online, there are always plenty of people on the website who you can talk to, or you can post about whatever you want in the forums and have a meaningful discussion with other members. You will never be lonely again! You should definitely consider joining if you are tired of being in a team full of quitters and screaming kids.](](](