Anyone if you would like to join, message me. I will give further details other than that we are a diverse clan, MLG Players, Skillful players, non-competitive, etc. We forge, play custom games, have battles, and wars. We are looking for skillful players, if your not that skilled but we see potential we will help you. We have a ranking system in the clan, and you earn the ranks by being skilled, participation, loyalty,etc. The top rank is Freelancer and that means you have exceeded the ranks and have made to the top. We are about saying what you want, we are on a no-spawn kill campaign with many other clans in the UnitedHaloCommunity.
Other clans with the name “Freelancer” tend to demand us to Change our name and then tell us they have been here since Halo 3 when they have yet to even play Halo 3 and also tend to say they had it even before Rooster Teeth. So anyone who wants to demand us to change anything about this clan, -Yoinking!- come at us.

might have gotten a little frustrated with that…