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COG is a gaming environment, by gamers, for gamers. We understand the needs and wants of a massive, active, and ever growing gaming community better than anyone else; for we realize, we are the masses. It is our goal to foster a nurturing, competitive, and rewarding environment for groups and individual young adults who are in need of companionship, or a sense of achievement and progress. It is our goal to end the stigma associated with gaming and to transform our virtual playing field from a place where you go with friends, to a place where you meet them. Please join us on our journey, the door is always open

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Hi, I am COG Zodiac Ares. I am a Captain, an officer in this community. If you go this far in reading this post then I am truly grateful. I am not going to force you and say that you should join COG because I understand that it’s not for everyone. We are a highly organized community that has rules just like most communities. Our goal is to bring in as many people as possible so that you can always have somebody to play with. We have three squads: Verent, Imber, and Jericho. I’m in Imber. Imber has over 150 members and is growing as you read this. We have three practices from Monday to Saturday and a meeting on Sunday to see how much we have accomplished each week. In this community you have a chance to rise up and claim higher ranks just like I have to help this community thrive for generations to come. I have been in COG for about six months and if you love to play Halo then I would strongly suggest that you come and check out what we do, come to one of our practices, whatever you need to do to feel like you would feel all right with joining us. By joining we will make you feel like you are one of us, this will be another family to you. If you give us a chance I promise you that we will not fail to make you have a good time, meet new people, and open you up to a whole new world. Why? Because this is COG baby and our number one rule is to have fun!
You must be at least 13 years of age or higher for maturity reasons and have a working mic. I cannot stress this part enough. WE ARE NOT COMPETITIVE! We will NOT kick you out if you are not a good player, however if you break our Code of Conduct it can result in you getting kicked out of COG. You can contact me through my gamer tag COG Zodiac Ares for more information if you are interested. Please do not be shy, everyone is welcome! If you have gotten this far in reading this post you have my thanks. This is COG Zodiac Ares hoping you give us a chance for you to have a good time and wishes you a good day or night. See you on the battlefield Spartans! Continuing our journey which has only just begun!

If interested contact me through my gamer tag COG Zodiac Ares and reply your gamer tag. I will help you with any questions or concerns as best as I can.