Join Central Fleet

I am NH NSPH leader of Central Fleet a UNSC Based Clan with over 50+ members and potentially growing. If you’d like to join respond to this forum, or message one of the following for our Marines.
RaG Eclipse
pure chaos2017
CI Arthur R 079
theres no way 1

**Resilience Recruitment
15th Marine Battalion- Recruitment Status: Open
19th ODST Battalion- Recruitment Status: Closed [Class Based]
Spartan-II Program- Recruitment Status: Closed [Class Based]
Spartan-III Program- Recruitment Status: Closed [Class Based]
Resilience is the newly formed clan from Fleet Command and UNSC Valiant with a whole new system and a whole lot of new stuff that we’ve brought into the clan!
We already have 100+ members who are active daily! We are looking for more to join our ranks inside our Marine Corps!
What to expect:
8v8’s (Coming Soon)
4v4’s (Coming Soon)
-13+ years old
-Halo Master Chief Collection (PC or Xbox)
What we have to Offer:

GCO- James Folton#7657
GXO- l Anpu l#0736
Spartan-II Staff:
Commanding Officer- John.#3957
Executive Officer- SII Kurt O51#3723
Operations Officer- MissEkoh#7325
Spartan-III Staff:
Commanding Officer- Lethal#0008
Executive Officer- Xix#6533
Operations Officer- ripShu#0010
ODST Staff:
Commanding Officer- Hadoct#6729
Executive Officer- papi chulo#0001
Operations Officer- Chapta 3#4092
Marine Staff:
Commanding Officer- Jgirl#7418
Executive Officer- RevoXeno#9744
Operations Officer- Pappi Pure#7367