Join Brain,Brawn,Lag!

A recruiting page for the small “clan” (consists of two people currently) Brain, Brawn, Lag.

Brain, Brawn, Lag stands for so much more than just a clan, we stand for sportsmanship, for teamwork, and for a personal best. This clan focuses on Halo 4 in Master Chief Collection and will be moving onto Halo 5 once that comes out in the fall. With enough hard work, Brain, Brawn, Lag can hopefully become a very successful clan, winning game after game and possibly even competing in tournaments.


  • 14 - 17 years of age. (This age limit can be changed slightly, by a year or two, but no more than that).- Halo Master Chief Collection (of course).- Time to play at least one game about every other day (Practice makes perfect).
  • No tea-bagging, tea-bagging or anything of the sort (such as shooting at the dead body) will lead to immediate termination. We play with sportsmanship, not like 5-year-olds.- No foul language towards opponents. Foul language within the clan is allowed as long as it is not in a trash-talking or spiteful manner towards other members of the clan.For Example: Allowed: “Man, that was a -Yoinking!- amazing shot.” Not Allowed: “-Yoink- you you -Yoinking!- -Yoink!-!”
  • No arguing. We all need to come together as a team and arguing within the clan will only cause problems. Yes, arguments will break out at some point, but try to avoid them as best as possible.- Just in general, be nice and have fun.- Don’t talk over others. Not only is it rude but it also makes it very confusing in games with call-outs where communication is key.What do you need to change?
  • Clan name must read: “Brain,Brawn,Lag”- Clan Tag must read: “BBL”- That’s it actually. We would prefer if you switched your emblem to something kind of serious (if you currently have a goofy one) but it is not required. No armor changes or color changes, that’s the one thing I don’t like about clans is that you lose your identity when you change your emblem and armor colors, so we don’t force you to do that.What do we look for in a clan member?
  • Someone who has respect, both in game and out of game, both towards other clan members and opponents.- Someone who loves Halo, not one of those people always -Yoinking!- about how 343 sucks.- Someone who is able to work as a team, or at least is willing to learn how to.- Someone who is able to listen to authority and do things without question.- Someone who enjoys themselves while playing Halo (laughing, cracking jokes in lobbies, etc.)- Someone who plays for the team (is not afraid to take a death for a clan mate, is fine with getting assists, etc.)- Someone who is willing to practice and work hard in order to improve both themselves and the team.- Someone who still enjoys themselves even if they lose.- Someone who, even if they go 15 and 2, still strive for greater.- Someone who is currently good at Halo or has the desire to get better.How does our clan work?
  • Outside of the battlefield we work slowly and methodically. We take time to assess many different scenarios and to make sure everyone has a say in our next choice.- Inside of the battlefield we kick it into high gear. We play fast and hit hard. Call-outs and strategic positions are essential to this clan’s success.- We are quite relaxed when it comes to actually playing together online. We try our hardest to play together as often as possible, but we understand if you can’t make it (I’m taking 3 AP classes this semester so I know the feeling of being busy).- We try to practice (either individually or as a group) at least every other day. Even just one game works. I’ve noticed that just a one day break between playing is fine and doesn’t take any time to get back into the groove, but two days or more can be harmful to performance. Now if you have vacation or have other responsibilities that make it so that you have problems playing for a week, do those things, real life is much more important than video games.- We will try and schedule at least one full clan (5 members) game session a week. These will most likely be scheduled on weekends in the evening. If other responsibilities conflict with this the clan will understand. Heck, even if you are planning to go see a movie on practice day, go see that movie (just try to schedule those events around practice times).- Strategy is essential to doing well in any game, so we need to make sure that we have good strategies and good communication. We will try to schedule times for learning call-outs and strategies for various maps and game modes.How do you register?
    You put on this forum:
  • Gamertag- Age- Weapon(s) of expertise *- Map(s) that you are the best at - K/D Ratio (overall)- Time Zone that you live in- What days/times you tend to be available __- What day and time you want to schedule a registration meeting* marks optional information__
    How do the registration meetings work?

It is quite simple, we meet up on Xbox Live, we play a few (3-7) games together over Xbox Live, and we just have fun. Performance in games counts for something, but what also counts is maturity (no gloating or being a sore loser), personality, friendliness, etc. Try to just be yourself, don’t put on a facade during registration meetings. After evaluating some candidates, I will message everyone back with either a yes or a no answer. Remember that if you get past the registration meeting, you can still get kicked out of the clan by breaking the rules or just not being on at all.


If you have any other questions just ask them here on the forums, that’s what they are for. So have fun and kick some butt in Halo!

Very well written post it is sad that many posts are not this good.

Is your clan willing to clan battle the Epsilon Fleet? We are looking forward to having some clan battles to promote activity and such. If you were curious about our clan we have a website at! Just send me a message on Xbox Live (Darth Baum) and we can get one organized anytime that is convenient for you

It is definitely something to think about. I would love to battle but we kind of need more people first and some time to get used to each other. I’ve got one person interested and I’m going to be playing with them tomorrow, so I’ll let you know if/when we should battle.

Alright sounds excellent