Join ACM BOOSTRIX SpartanCompany to complete 100%

Hello Spartans!!!
ACM BOOSTRIX has been established and is looking for certain kind of Spartans!
The company’s name stands for:
- Achievements
- Commendations
- Medals
- Boosting
About the company:
Our aim is to fulfill/gain the above mentioned for every member by boosting respectively by simply helping each other.
This company will help all members to make progress at their PERSONAL ACM up to 100% at Halo 5
(Except for reaching max rank 152 and Achilles armor set).
We do NOT play to fulfill the company’s commendations and medals!
Gaining the Timmy Helmet is also a goal of this company.
Your profile:

  • You need a microphone
  • You need a smartphone with Discord app (The best way to organize sessions)
  • You need to be active and ready to join sessions (mainly on the weekends)
  • You should be seriously motivated
  • Your origin and age does not matter
  • You should be able to speak English
  • Further administration of the company can be dealt with as soon as we get a total of 4 members.
  • We need at least 24 members to reach our goal.
  • Lieutenants will be named to those who show to be interested, ambitious, motivated and very active.
    The company cannot be seen in the search list (remains inactive) until we reach a total of 4 members.
    So, please contact me via waypoint or xbox live if you are interested and I will send you an invitation to join the company.
    Kind regards