Join a Halo Community + Have a Matchmaking Team


If you’re looking to join a Halo community (or clan) for either a fun or competitive cause, I would like to advertise Forerunner Conflict.

FC is a Halo community (not a clan!) which has been going for over 9 years, since Halo 2 matchmaking, and the website ( has been host to over 3,000 members. The community itself is very focused on fun and maturity, and is very authentic for it’s unique ‘battle nights’ which happen every Sunday at 6PM EST/5PM CT/11PM GMT. Battle nights are organised, lite-competitive custom games between the two armies, REDD and BLUE, as they fight for control over maps throughout the Halo universe. We have seen wars in Halo: Reach and early Halo 4 where roughly 150 members will show up to battle nights, and we still see around 50 members every Sunday currently.

As for the matchmaking team proposition, this is how it’ll go. Each army is split into squads of around 6-10 people, who play together regularly in practices, matchmaking, etc. before battle nights. I am personally creating a new squad within BLUE army, and was wondering if anyone reading this would be interested in seeing it’s growth.

If you need more info, please message me on Xbox. (Gamertag: Barry Soap)

Thanks for reading! :smiley: