Join a Halo Clan

Are you looking for clan? If so, this is a place where you can try to sell yourself to recruiting clans.

What information should I leave?

In order for clans to determine if you are what they are looking for, you should leave information such as:

  • Playstyle
  • Time zone
  • What you are hoping to get from a clan
  • Anything else you feel is relevant
    Please limit your posts to one only and do not use this thread for conversations, that’s what PM’s are for.

Good luck and happy hunting!

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Hi im from dhg my gamertag is caboose 2516 we a halo gameing clan that likes a laugh can sometimes be competitive we play daily sessions at 8 pm and 10 pm uk yime we play a big variety of game types anything u can think of we do if u interedted give me a shout on my gamertag this is an old post now in REG

DMR community

•Playstyle Friendly non competitive and respectful

•Time zone U.S eastern

•What you are hoping to get from a clan meet new people, have fun, be dedicated to the community be motivated by your fellows and be respectful

•Anything else you feel is relevant
we are a very fun community and our members are very friendly you wont regret joining us we’ll be your 2nd family!!

if you want to join then please msg my gamertag DMR FoxWolf

•freestyle and back-up the team

•central time zone

•im looking for freinds to play with or against on a team and have fun

•i mostly play halo and skyrim some minecraft also im over 18 and have a mic

I recently came over to Halo from Battlefield 3, where I was a member of a “top” team within Battlefield’s competitive community. I was a starter on the 5v5 team, and that team went on to win several tourneys. However, I since I am unable to purchase an X1 until August, I have decided to try to get into the competitive Halo scene. Send me any offers on Xbox Live-GT: I Am xCupCake

Playstyle: Anchor/Passive
Timezone: Central

I have been in many Halo 4 clans, about 30ish since the game came out. When I find a clan worth staying with I don’t leave it until the leader proves himself to be so inept that I can’t logically follow him or the clan dissolves. I am a competitive player so I don’t want a clan which puts ridiculous stock in meetings and raids; if something needs settled do it like men in a balanced team gametype. I want to avoid a clan which has the whole military thing going on, I have been in more than a few of those before and can’t stand it. If your clan has a 4v4 team or compo team I would love to be a part of it. If you want references you can talk to some of my former clan leaders I don’t do spying or assassinations; if you assassinate me in-game and post the pictures on waypoint I couldn’t care less. Any questions just hit me with a message; I love tryouts and honestly anything competitive is just great.

BR: 8
Sniper weapons: 7
Railgun: 10
DMR: 9
Nades: 9

Play style:
I like to do whatever I can to help my team win. If we are communicating I typically take a defensive/support role. I don’t care about getting assists: if it keeps a teammate from dying or gives my team a kill it’s worth it. I love any of the gamebattles/MLG maps and gametypes.

Playstyle: competetive

Timezone: EST USA

I expect: A group to play custom games with. (Maybe some forging?)

I am online on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday mainly.

Gamertag: jdox12443

See you on the battlefield!

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KSI is a friendly community made up of thousands of members always looking to meet new people and have fun. We have custom game nights every day. We have a ranking structure, but it is more casual than serious; the only thing that comes with going up is more responsibilities, not much else.

Hit me up on Xbox Live! My gamertag is KSI QCyrax and I’m always up to introduce new people to our clan. :stuck_out_tongue:

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The Atlantic Nations is a militarized clan with a Federal-Republic Government. We are focused on enhancing the discipline, perseverance, and integrity of our members. We are a selective nation with high standards, ensuring that only the best of men are allowed in. Being as strict and standardized as we are, we also make our members’ time in service enjoyable. We are a clan that appreciates and values hard work, meaning that as a member, you will get the position in the AN that you deserve. We are also a clan that hears the voices of our members and fights to defend our integrity and stability. If you feel that you are interested in joining,
enlist today!
-Very organized
-Members enjoy
-Big youtube clan media department
-61 Members
-40-4 battle record
-10-1 raids
-4 divisions
-Highly active
Must be of age 12 or older.
Must have a working headset with a mic.
Must have read the entire list of rules and regulations and be able to present and follow them.
Clan website
Message Shakey Joker to join
Message Quantum 240 to join
Message Vore dy Karosee to join

Are there any clans out there that play Halo Wars? Could do with some teammates and 1v1 practice.

Playstyle: mostly casual. don’t mind some competition either.

Time zone : CST

What you are hoping to get from a clan: Frequent players with mics who like to win but don’t mind if someone has a bad game. Also, I’m not paying to change my gamertag. Won’t change my armor. Changing service tag is fine.

Anything else you feel is relevant: I have been playing the Halo online multiplayer for over a decade. I am by no means a pro but can hold my own. Normally I work until 8pm CST and am on halo 4 from around 9pm-2am CST. Please note that I’m back to halo after taking a 5 month leave to try out CoD:Ghosts. CSR rank is new to me as far as H4 is concerned. Message MysticMan420 on XBL if you are interested in a dedicated and skilled player.

I’m a gamer that enjoys having a team, but I’m not afraid to Lone Wolf it, if I need to. I also enjoy Custom Games.

•Time zone:
(UTC-07:00) Mountain Time

•What you are hoping to get from a clan: I’m looking for a clan that has respect for the enemy team, and won’t spawnkill on purpose. I’m also hoping that the clan that recruits me has a Roleplay aspect to it (IE: ingame meetings around a meeting table).

•Anything else you feel is relevant:
I can change my emblem, Armour Colour and Service Tag, and possibly my armour. I play as an Sangheili on Halo: Reach and Halo 3 though. I am also unwilling to change my Gamertag.

I am a Competitive, support player. I mostly play Halo: Reach, H4 and sometimes H3.

I am in the eastern time zone. I play mostly everyday from 2p.m. to whenever.

I am looking for a clan that is competitive and friendly. I want to join a clan/team so I don’t have to play with randoms.

I have a mic and in my 20’s. Ive been playing Halo since 2005.

Message me if you are interested.

Why dont you try checking us out

we have a video about all the information about us here

-Ace Preston 7 Clan Co-leader

HI I would like to join your clan beacuse I am competitive and good at halo I love being a supportive player and I have kind of started playing halo 4

*I dont hack and I dont like hackers

*I am very loyal

so message me on xbox live my gamer tag is XNZPROmetheanX

Hello everybody! My name is Cory, and my gamertag is the same as my Waypoint Forums username.

I think I’m a pretty average Halo player. Not ultimate, not too horrible, just average. My style in Halo is pretty simple. I’m what some of my friends call trigger happy. I love any gun that has auto fire. The bigger the clip, the better. My favorite weapon would have to be the Rocket Launcher. I just love blowing things up, although it’s usually on accident. The type of clan I want to be in is one that will accept me for my strategy and skill level. if you’re interested, please contact me on my Xbox Live account, which again, is Suicidal Krypto.

I don’t know how to explain my time zone, but I live in Florida, which is South-Eastern in the US.

If you actually read this, thank for your time.

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Are there any competitive teams/clans out there, if so, message me on xbox, I really want to play with people my skill level