Join A Halo 5 clan

Hello everyone Im GuestSpy50 and me and my clan leader have just started our clan from halo reach we were called the guardians of sangheilios and my leader had made a choice of making our clan instead of our clan being just military it will be run by fire teams instead and there will be fire team leaders who would be in charge so like a council and if we have enough people that joined we would have a annually fire teams battles to detriment the best fire team ranks in the clan but since we are new we really need people we are really a nice people once you get to know us but once you join our clan you are like family to us we treat you equally no matter the cause but before anybody joins there are requirements
-You must be above 13
-Must have a mic /unless broken and is going to get a new one soon
-Must be mature
-And have fun
Thank you for your time of reading this post and if you want to join our Spartan Company it is called Guardians of Sangheilios
message to join
Khit Karum