John dies?

John Swalski beloved father and brother passes away due to medical complications on Earth shortly after Master Chief Petty Officer SPARTAN-117 saves the galaxy once again.

Never said which John in the ocean of millions.

Out of all the sections you could have posted this, the universe section is probably the only place where you won’t fool anyone.

In case you missed it:

Just wanted to see how people would reacted and how informed people are, considering how you pulled the link in less then 10 minutes show you are making sure to keep informed.

In-case you have not noticed people tend to come up with baseless and out right stupid assumptions about things that have not been released. It is also not meant to be an insult to people.

I also have to decline your assumption that people will not be fooled by this obvious to some attempt at {no one truly knows} after all, read the topics that are in this area of the forum.