JIP for FFA Gametypes is STUPID!

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Alright, I HATE JIP. It’s a waste of my time to join a losing cause and it needs to be taken out in the title update or we need to have the option to disable it. I not only get a loss on my record, a double xp code is wasted. So screw Join in Progress…

But why the fark would 343 put JIP for a FFA gametype? RIght now I just joined a Regicide match. The leader had almost 150 points… WTF! Why put me in that game? I still won 305-295, btu that is not the point. Also in Flood, I joined a game about 60 points behind and I lost… This is a bunch of bullcrap. JIP needs to be dumped, at the least, 343i needs to alow us to disable it. Halo is not COD 343i, if you want to make a COD ripoff go make your own franchise. Do not -Yoink- up what Bungie started. There is a reason why the follow did not exist before with Bungie:

  1. JIP (-Yoinking!- stupid)
  2. loadouts (copy cod much?)
  3. “random” ordnance drops instead of weapon spawns on map (Again, why change it?)
  4. Can not drop the flag… (Again, why would you make it so I couldn’t drop the flag!!!)
  5. auto-pickup by the flag (If I want to pick it up, I would’ve just held RB and then jumped into the mosh pit, but what if I just want to kill everyone guarding the flag?)
  6. Good Connection search filter (Iam tired of playing with -Yoink- connections from Russia or Mexico…)
  7. Custom Games if COMPLETELY -Yoinked!- up… (too many problems to list)
  8. No point scoring in campaign (Again, WHY!)

These some of the main reasons. Fix them of we will fix you…