1. Remove JiP
  2. Add more strict Game-Leaving penalties (Like in Halo 3)
  3. ???
  4. Profit?

You can counter leavers with temporary Matchmaking bans like Bungie did with Halo 3. This would keep people from quitting AS much, and would nearly eliminate the need for JiP.

What was the penalty in Halo 3? I remember used to quit all the time in whatever playlist when i basically couldn’t be bothered with a game and never got a ban or anything. I know you got a pathetic 15 min ban in Reach but I can’t remember the H3 punishment.

Oh and they will never remove it. 343 love this feature to much. Which is why they are trying to fix it instead of removing it all together. Even if they say implemented a ban for 15 mins like in Reach it wouldn’t do anything. Cause that’s not really much of a punishment. And if people start being banned in this game it would hurt the rest of us cause the population is so low to begin with…

They should let us choose between let JIP ON or OFF

These are real and necessary fixes to the general matchmaking system and to the wonderful addition of JiP to Halo that I hope 343i take into consideration.

  1. The match’s start should be delayed until an even number of players are placed on each team. Preferably delayed within the search lobby.

  2. Groups of players that are at, or under, a playlist’s team size should never get split-up.

  3. The JiP system should avoid placing people in games that could be considered mathematical lost causes through an algorithm that monitors the score and progress of the game.

Gauge score differences versus time remaining, while tracking the average net score per minute of the players/teams currently in a match. Lock the match when it seems highly unlikely for the losing team to mount any possible comeback.[/li]

  1. Also, include hard time and/or score caps for locking a match regardless to it’s competitive nature. These should be playlist specific.

For example: Locking a match with only one minute remaining, or less than 1/12 the score limit for the leading team. Plus, FFA games should have a very small join window, if any window at all.[/li]

  1. Monitoring the score limits to also determine whether joining players should receive credit for a win or a loss.

For example: A player that joins a losing team shouldn’t be at risk of receiving a loss unless the team manages to take the lead at some point after the player’s arrival. And if a player joins a winning team that never relinquishes the lead, then whether or not they receive a win in their personal record should depend on how much they contributed. An algorithm could compare their time on the team to the overall match time, and measure their score or contributions on an average-per-minute basis in comparison to the other team members.[/li]

I do not remember the specific penalty in Halo 3 for leaving matches (mostly because I left less than 10 games out of my thousands,) so I can not really say.

I assume it was around 15 minutes, but I may very well be thinking of Reach’s penalty. If anyone has more information on this, feel free to post it!