JFR Recruitment

Allow, let me start by introducing myself, i go by many names but let’s go under my current Alias TotalKrispy, i have been around since the middle timespan of Halo 3 and have been an loyal member to the Halo community for around seven years now and i have been part of many Community’s, Military Based, Sangheili based Gaming Community’s, Mercenary Work so on and so forth i take my work very seriously especially when i run my own operations after months of planning and patience i decide to open a Military Operated Based Clan Called JFR Also known as “Joint Force Regiment” was founded for two specific goals, leading a community full of soldiers, and honing the players skill in combat. As military operated base community where members can make friends and have a good time off duty, while honing your skills during live practice. It is the perfect place to call home if you want to explore into a whole new division of the Halo community we just started so we may not start with all these promises, right away but i can assure you that when you leave to continue on your own. You will have a better understanding of certain situations.
But JFR has certain requirements that you must furfilll in order to be part of this community

~ Recruit must have a Mic
~ Recruit must at least be above the age of 13
~ Recruit Must be willing to cooperate and enjoy themselves

If One or Two of these Requirements are not fulfilled the recruit will be put in a one strike policy. If the recruit breaks any rules and goes above level 2 in the 6 acts scale the recruit will be removed from the Regiment immediately. That’s all i have to say Message myself or “RiZin Wolf” for more information. But most of all Have fun.