Is it just me or is anyone else missing the jetpack from Reach/Halo 4?

not one bit

I’d like to see it return in campaign and customs. While most of the complaints about it in matchmaking were overblown. I prefer the balanced set up of H5s abilities. (But, yes I do miss the jetpack.)

No, absolutely not.

it was fun, I used it all the time but I am happy with out it

Not at all.

I actually do miss it. It was my #2 main compared to thruster pack, which is now part of the base game. Would love a way for it to come back but it probably won’t… No way to really implement it.0

no it was horrid for any normal combat


I didnt mind it, same goes for not having it in Halo 5.

It was fun, but I’m happy it’s not in Halo 5. I would like to see it return in Halo Wars 2.

I want my jet-pack back :frowning:

It was pretty fun using it, but I’m not sure if there would be anywhere to fit it on the controller, given how mechanic-heavy Halo 5 is.

It was like the 2nd most hated AA in Reach after Armor Lock.