Jetpack in Halo 4 - Are you kidding?

After watching some footage of the latest map it appears that Jetpack is back. I honestly cannot fathom why 343 have decided to return it in Halo 4.
Admittedly there was very little footage of its use but even at a nerfed version of Reach I still feel as though it is an easily abusable element of the game and frustrating to combat when someone is using it with even the smallest amount of skill.
Let’s not even get into the amount of fixes 343 will have to implement to block off all the broken areas of the map they will have undoubtedly missed during testing because let’s face it; you’re never gonna catch 'em all (Fyeah Pokemon).

If this armour ability is back we may as well bring back Armour Lock so we can all spend 5 seconds of our games waiting for the idiots to land.

It is the irritating fly of the Halo world and should never be seen again.

This has been a post.

Dude it was confirmed back when AA’s were confirmed to be in Halo 4.

Let’s just hope 343i has nerfed it enough to be tolerable and not as game breaking as it was in Reach. I’m looking forward to seeing vids of it.

I honestly dont get the Jet Pack hate. If you are any good at Halo in general you should have no problem killing someone hovering 20ft above your head. If it was unbalanced then I could see the issue of bringing it back but it isn’t. You sacrifice mobility and speed for an extra boost in height. Once your in the air you are an easy target.

The only bad thing about AA is the EMP, get rid of that and its fine.

Please use this thread to discuss this :slight_smile: