Jerome and his Mantis

Love the patch except for one small detail… Jerome and his mantis are so ridiculously overpowered in the early game that its nigh impossible to stop him. Just played a 1v1 where he walked up to my base at around the two minute marker with his mantis already intact and the onslaught that ensued sealed the game. Anyone else have any thoughts on this?

It’s super strong. So are many of the other leaders after their first upgrade. I’d suggest getting your own leader out early, and maybe a turret. Give your leader the first upgrade, and you should be good to carry on.

The UNSC FINALLY has a viable Hero, isn’t it great?

Choose is way worse. Grenade or another leader is the answer to the mech

You have to counter him with your own hero, really no other option at the moment.

In 2’s/3’s triple jereome mantis opener is absurd