Jega Rdomnai Origins in Halo: Headhunters!

With the reference being made to a high value “Headhunter,” do you think Jega Rdomnai could be the leader of the Silent Shadow squad that the Spartans encountered in the old Halo: Evolutions short, entitled “Headhunters?” This would explain 1. The term “Headhunter” being used. 2. The fact that he’s hunted demons before. 3. It would also explain the “clandestine ambush,” which could be referring to the ambush of the spartan team in the video. Especially since the ambush DOES go wrong when the surrounded Spartan shoots an explosive in an effort to take out the elites. Even more importantly, shortly before engaging the elites, he says, “If you think you’re taking me WITHOUT LOSING A LIMB (laughs) you’re out of you’re damn mind…”. Here’s the link to the video: Halo Evolutions: Headhunters 1080p HD - YouTube

I’d say the massive explosions at the end of the story spelled doom for the Silent Shadow operatives from that story, so I don’t think he was there.

Yeah, pretty sure they all got vaporized by our boy Jonah, so…

Pretty sure that if he was from that he would have a lot more damage done to him than what happened.