Jega R'domnai origin theory

Not sure if this was mentioned before, but I’m thinking Jega is a surviving Silent Shadow from the story “Headhunters”.

Figuring the blast at the end of the story is how he lost his limbs.

Nothing to support this, other than the Silent Shadow that captured the Spartan “can’t remember his name right now” was a little twisted with toying with and disfiguring his prey first.


IIRC that Elite wasn’t Jega, besides there was no way those Silent Shadow members would’ve survived that explosion, Halo explosions are very different from our explosives today. If you want some evidence to back up my claim, the UNSC have numerous classes of nuclear bombs stored on their ships, and is their secondary weaponry ammo, with MAC rounds being primary.

With that being said, if the evidence wasn’t amounting to confirmed deaths from those Silent Shadow members, your theory would be plausible and actually kinda cool.

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I dont think the silent shadow would survive an explosion like that.
But it would be really cool!

I’ll support this theory, or at least the idea that may have been a part of them.

Couple of things to consider:
The color of the energy sword he carries. The swords depicted in Head Hunters were also red in color.
Recent articles depict him as the “leader of the Hand of Atriox, Halo Infinite’s Spartan Killers”.

Also factor in that Atriox recruited from the other clans/factions that he decimated in battle over the years. Along with those that fell out of favor with the San’Shyuum High Council; it wouldn’t surprise me that he joined the Banished to stay in the fight.

The only thing would be is to wait and see comes of his story or what book authors write about him.

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As a Halo 2 fan every time I see an Elite with the Banished I just think “TRAITOR!” in my head. Like you’ve got to be a totally unprincipled guy to side against the Arbiter and with the Brutes.

To be fair, I think 343 has kind of used this logic with Jega being described as creepy and using mechanical limbs which is something a normal Sangheli would never do.


Called it!
Just watched a video diving into the new encyclopedia as well as tweets from devs/writers that worked on Infinite.


Oooh… haven’t managed to read that far yet. Interesting

He used to be an adventurer like us until he took an arrow to his arm

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