Jeff Steitzer is seriously lacking in MP

Jeff is a huge staple in the Halo multiplayer experience. Removing him from BTB is a huge mistake. The current announcer, she lacks excitement and encouragement. With Halo Infinite returning to its roots of OG Halo I feel like this was truly a poor choice.

The same goes for Social/Ranked, he rarely announces any sort of medals. No reversal, no perfect (landing all headshots), Rampage, Killing Spree, Running Riot, Ball Kill, Splatter Spree, Grapple Jack, Hail Mary, etc.

It’s just weird not having him announce any sort of medals at all. He’s literally non-existent in the game. And it’s pretty devastating.

  1. I truly hope you reconsider this decision and bring back Jeff completely.

We told you how we felt with Sarah Palmer in Warzone for Halo 5. We didn’t like it. Now we lose Jeff in one of the most iconic modes in Halo.

Bring him back,



Fun fact, they already addressed this and they’re going to!

They did??? Where?? I’d love to have the source!

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Sure, right here.


Fill in the H where it says “ttps” and go down to where it says “Big Team Battle (Map & Modes)”. You’ll see it :]

Couldn’t agree more!

Got a Rampage earlier and was looking forward to hearing it…but no.

It really lessened the satisfaction.