January Update - Crucial

As we all know the January update for Halo 5 will soon be arriving and its possibly the most important update for Halo 5 in regards to its longevity. More specifically, this update will have a great impact on the future player base as MANY players if not ALL players have been desperately asking (sry begging) for key gametypes to make their triumphant return to the game; Most notably- Infection, King of the Hill, Oddball and Grifball, but also of equal importance, Assault(and all other Bomb related gametypes), VIP, neutral flag, etc etc. Furthermore, there are many tweaks, bugs, glitches that need to be resolved for forge, multiplayer, campaign. And as usual the constant demand for more original maps and not forge variants, but honestly if we focus and allow forge maps to gain steam and get introduced in arena it will help the communication barrier between the community and 343i as things tend not to be delayed for awhile (gametypes and more playlists). This can be employed by 343 allowing forge map variant submissions from the community in regards to slayer, breakout and BTB and employ around 3 per update and this can all be decided by a polling system so the community can all come together and share ideas.

BUT this leads to my major point, this can really only work if many more gametypes and playlists are introduced this month. Without social playlists for ALL competitive playlists currently in place, the casual community will only continue to decrease. But one can say that most casual players can just play warzone, but honestly with a lack of maps and gametypes again, it tends to fall short and bland most of the time. I’ve seen many people complain of this lack of content, and as everyday passes without any hint of 343i giving an update of their progression, the community continues to grow impatient, which can lead to player dropping the game due to this frustration. As mentioned previously, this update will be the most crucial update as it will either answer and deliver many players’ demands, or it will fall short again leading a more chaos in the forums and online as the friction will only grow even more.

As a player I’m disappointed that 343i hasn’t added more playlists, gametypes and haven’t touched the map rotation issue if they plan to keep that system rather than the classic Halo voting style that we’ve all been accustomed to. BUT, maybe just maybe, they haven’t had time to update us on their progress as its consuming their time and they are really working hard to satisfy our unquenchable thirst to see Halo 5 as COMPLETE and EXCEPTIONAL game. It’s close, I feel it, this game can really be a masterpiece if 343i does the right moves and make sound and rational decisions based on community feedback and from their inside devs. All I can say is have hope and just be patient, 343i have messed up many times beforehand, but I’m sure they have the mental capacity to understand what is missing and what’s wrong with this diamond in the rough. Before you start bashing 343i for the lack of content, just wait for this update, and then criticize and judge them. It’s a new year that’s bound to have great surprises (hopefully) so just let them do their work and wait.


Nice essay

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> Nice essay

At least he cared enough about the future of the game to type all of that out instead of posting a cheeky two word remark that doesn’t contribute to anything.

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> Nice essay

Haha! Well meme’d, my friend!

He makes good points. -Yoink- off.

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> Nice essay

Nice waste of forum space.

At least OP took the time to post a well written thread, instead of spamming with useless stuff like your reply.

As for OP.

I agree, I really hope they nail it with this update this game really needs more quality content, not just some forged maps and new Reqs

Personally I only ever played Big Team Battle on the old Halo games. Slayer and other 4 vs 4 games always felt quaint and were much more affected by that one inevitable quitter. This is partly why I like Warzone, have never had the problem I had in Reach where an entire team would quit. I did play infection now and then, but its not a game changer.

What they really need is more maps and in particular I think the overuse of forge maps is a problem. There should have been unique BTB maps. The model they should adopt is Company of Heroes 2 on steam. They have developer made games and also add a few community made maps as standard playlists for automatch games. However, I can easily search custom games and get into any number of custom modded maps. Also, a sort of forge workshop like you get on steam where you can download popular maps with an easy to read top down map so I can see whats in it. To me that would be better than File Share as that’s still just player to player which limits the spread of forge made maps.

Also Warzone. Considering that they pushed the REQ system so much they really haven’t done much in the way of supporting it. Only four maps, 3 in assault and no additional mode added?

I hope they don’t remove the Flood Spartans from Halo 4 infection.

I agree with him

Has anyone heard about the update? or when they will dish out the sneak peeks?

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> Has anyone heard about the update? or when they will dish out the sneak peeks?

I’m afraid not. There hasn’t been any Community Updates since before Christmas.

We’ll just have to wait and see.

im gonna let you know right now that the january update might not have even 10% of what you asked for in this post.

all of these updates have been planned out. its not like they are doing everything on the fly.

for a more accurate representation of when to expect the FUN GAMETYPES, just expect them to come after HCS

I agree its a crucial update i didn’t even bother to read the OP’s post but my question concerning all this is simple what in hell is Januarys update we haven’t heard a single detail.

I say we need more GAMETYPES!