January 2016 season req pack

I read that at the end of each season there would be a req pack awarded to those who ranked in all the playlists. last season i did not receive a pack because i had not ranked in FFA by the end of the season. this season i made sure to rank in all playlists (even holiday doubles) to make sure i got this pack. problem is it seems people i know got the pack without ranking in all playlists.

every one of my friends received this pack, and none of them had ranked in all playlists. the pack said something like "for ranking in playlists this season’. why would they get the pack without ranking in all playlists?

so my question is was I just under the wrong impression? or did they change the stipulations for how to get the end of season pack? i don’t mind that everyone got one, thats great and all. it just doesnt make sense…

You only had to rank in one Playlist ,not all of them

also I think January was the first time there was a season pack (not counting the holiday themed ones)