Jan Update humor

> Quinn DelHoyo: This means that we acknowledge that we have a 20-year franchise and recognize that players all around the world have different preferences, likes, dislikes, etc., and we commit to making sure we’re mindful of past precedents and core experiences while making sure we’re considering feedback from all players (not just campaign players or not just Halo: CE purists, etc.). We strive to honor Halo’s rich 20-year history. Halo is special. We recognize that we all have jobs because of how special Halo is. We wouldn’t be here if it wasn’t for Halo and its powerful impact on gaming. Additionally, we also feel that Halo is not just special for us but it’s also special for our players as well. The relationship with our players is what we as a Sandbox Team feel is vital to keeping Halo as amazing as it is

Players: Cool well noone likes coatings

343: Darn that’s a shame