Jan 26 - Ranked Playlist Update


  1. Desync
  • Dying around walls
  • Extremely poor hit reg on ALL levels (BR, Rockets, Melee, Grenades, etc.) Flip a coin
  • Many weird situations that make zero sense (Server Sees You Differently)
  1. Ranked
  • Poor CSR system: Gain very little for wins, lose a lot for losses (compounded with DCs, Desync, etc.)
  • Poor matchmaking:
    • Onyx getting matched with plats and unranked players
    • Really bad servers (many nowhere close to your country), and very high pings within US servers (50+ on avg).
  • Poor maps and modes: Behemoth is removed now (thank you), Bazaar plays very poorly (too many balconies/power positions, too many op weapons and equipment, and poor spawns.
    • No player collision
    • Outlines
    • Telling players that sword, power ups, etc., are available 24/7.
    • Spawns are very poor on all maps. Some examples: Spawn C steps on Streets to only get shot immediately by a player B steps, spawn dummies by yourself with enemies at C on livefire, spawn longhall on recharge to get shot instantly from turbine, etc.
    • Every gun besides the BR is shot 1-2 times before getting dropped to instantly 1 burst clean up (hold this 24/7).
  1. Weapon Balance

    • Mangler: Too much range for a shotgun equivalent, 1-hit beatdowns are too op, and too easy to drop-BR someone.
    • Shock Rifle: Way too easy to use, extremely inconsistent hit-reg
    • Rockets: Extremely inconsistent hit-reg (coin flip)
    • Heatwave: It’s supposed to be the shotgun equivalent, but its range is extremely OP, and doesn’t feel different from anything else.
    • Snipe: Easily the most inconsistent weapon in Halo to date. Even if you line up your reticle on an enemy player, nothing happens, and you get melted. Needs a slight boost in aim assist (not H5 levels). Also has less shots than previous Halo’s.
    • Commando: Another weapon that’s made for a “Hold This” medal and draining the entire mag to melee trade. It feels unnecessary in the current sandbox. Why? We already have the full auto AR, a burst weapon (BR), and we’re missing the single shot DMR. The commando feels way better with single-shotting but suffers in its current design.
    • Pistol: The pistol is extremely op in mid-range fights with BRs.
    • Plasma Pistol: Audio sounds directly ripped from a storm trooper weapon, and noob combos are a coin-flip.
    • Pulse Carbine: Yet another “Hold this” medal weapon.
    • Stalker: It’s essentially a 3-shot DMR (why not 4?), very easy to use, and OP.
  2. Equipment/Nades

  • The Drop wall is inferior to the bubbleshield from H3. Why? The design philosophy isn’t logical. The drop wall lets you shoot players while not taking damage. This is extremely unfair and loses the essence of its predecessor. The trade-off is that it’s extremely weak, but then why make it anyways if it’s problematic on both fronts? The bubbleshield temporarily stalemates both sides for equal opportunity.

  • Thrust: You immediately lose aim assist on players that use it, too common, and very random in gunfights (compound with losing aim assist).

  • Grapple: Shouldn’t be allowed to grapple flags in HCS settings. Why? Take Bazaar for ex: Chasing guy mid that has your flag, he goes top tree, grapples flag, immediately out of sight.

  • Dynamo nades: Another H3 inspired return, but poorly implemented, How? You have 4 different grenade variations, too common, strips health and shield easily, teammates friendly fire with them a lot, and they went from a basic toss in H3 to hail Mary passes.

  • Repulsor: Neat concept, but poorly balance at the moment. Ex: You placed a replusor near the ledge on Recharge, which makes it easy to knock players off. The range is incredibly op. Why? Say you’re top A on Recharge with ball, you know they’re coming from top BR, the enemy team only has a few seconds left, but you are waiting top A with a repulsor to send them flying down to camo. Another example of equipment only benefiting the user with no trade off.

  1. Audio:
  • ~7ft tall, 1000lb Spartans running full sprint with no audio. Friendly footsteps are way louder.

  • Can’t turn off AI voices

  1. Bugs: Lose aim assist randomly on PC, naded through walls (EX: other side of double doors on Bazaar), no mantle on occasion, extremely late trades, perfect medals are extremely inconsistent (flip a coin), sometimes plasma nades will hit someone and not do anything, and nades get stuck on tiny cracks (ex: Aquarius doorways in in home bases).

  2. Theater

  • Can’t save games you want to keep
  • UI is buggy and generic
  • Have to restart game to play a certain game
  • Can’t cycle beyond 1-4 players on occasion (to find your pov)
  • Plays the sounds of medals from other players on your pov
  1. UI & UX
  • Can’t customize UI in mp to make it more like traditional Halo
  • Multiplayer menu feels and looks extremely basic compared to H3 and Reach menus. 343 has extremely talented artists than can easily upgrade the menus/loading screens.
  1. Miscellaneous
  • Progression system other than Battle Pass is needed
  • No pre-game lobbies (I’m hoping this isn’t a result of “protecting players from trash talk”. I feel nothing social about Halo Infinite in its current state.
  • Rumors of grenade magnetism? I certainly hope not
  • Very aggressive de-scope
  • Hoping for voice packs. It would be cool to have H2 Jeff Steitzer.

Won’t change until season 2 by the looks and sounds of things.

You can imagine how excited I was to see this update. Well…

Ranked playlist Downdate!

Please adjust the price of items in the shop (lower still), add cross core customization, let us adjust our emblems colors, add more maps to ranked and more play modes, that’s besides fixing the technical issues.


You want to take a look at spawns on the other maps as well? I really want to enjoy this game, but it’s so hard when halo infinite spawns might be the worst spawns I’ve ever experienced in a fps game.

je suis content d’enfin voir la suppression de la carte qui n’avait rien à faire dans ce mode arène classée, cependant pourrait-on avoir de nouvelles cartes?
car on fait vite le tour des actuelles et serait-il possible de descendre la difficulté du matchmaking lorsqu’on lance une partie avec un groupe de 4? par exemple il n’est pas normal de tomber sur 3 onyx en face lorsqu’on lance une recherche qu’avec des diamants 1 par exemple… Puis supprimer le skill based matchmaking dans les modes classiques! on ne voit vraiment pas l’intérêt d’en mettre du coup nous n’avons pas envie de faire les défis quotidien en transpirant sur le jeu… tous les joueurs avec qui je jouais ont tous arrété le jeu pour manque de contenu de cartes et le SBMM. On voudrait voir le retour du roi de la colline également qui était à mon sens le meilleur mode du jeu dans le passé. merci par avance… (ressenti après 8 jours de jeu )

Can we get ranked 2v2s plx, game is fun just needs some spice. I’ll also take new maps and pistols swat mode. Lots of options.

Revamp the rank system!! Win a game get one onyx point lose one game lose 25! Wtf

We playing the same map? How are there no viable cover opportunities? I hate Behemoth because it seems like all people do is camp underneath, behind rocks, behind structures, etc.

Thank you!!! Now we need a map to replace this in ranked please

This is a very good thing. This map is not fun and very frustrating to play.
It would be nice to remove this map from SWAT mode too.

108 likes. 4.9k views. wheres the millions of players Phil was bragging about? XDDD

Would love to see Behemoth in BTB!


This change is just fine, but I think it’s hilarious that this “live service” keeps getting less content over time

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The sidearm is not good enough to be a gametype for SWAT.

Please reduce the the respawn time for SWAT to 5 seconds or 3 seconds. It’s slow and boring compared to the previous Halos.

Definitely not while the desync is still as bad as it is. Swat needs a much more consistent experience.

How about removing this trash map from all playlists?

But yes, please do fix spawning. It is currently the worst in the series.

Now add a couple new maps to the mix. I feels like I play the same 2-3 maps over and over on any given game time. How about Battle Creek, Lock Out, Ascension, Zanzibar and Blood Gulch from Halo 1, 2 and 3. They were perfect maps and and provided a large variety of options and styles.

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It was better when they were split in the past, ranked team objective and ranked team slayer. I would also like to see more ranked modes. Ranked FFA is fun too.