Jan 26 - Ranked Playlist Update

There are five maps in ranked now.


Good. Take it out and just don’t bring it back. If it’s not approved for HCS, it shouldn’t be approved for ranked!


This is a great update! Thanks for getting that done for the ranked players. Would it be possible to get some form of a forfeit/no penalty option for when a 3v4 in ranked occurs? 98% of the time, it’s an insurmountable task to win a 3v4 and doubles as a defeat once your rank suffers. It’ll also allow for us to waste less time and get into a new game faster.


That’s cool, but when is the ranking system going to get fixed?


Best thing I’ve heard all day.

We have seen 343’s testing after the last update to fix BTB and we all know how that went. That statements holds not water.


Dang, that’s great news, and the reasons for removing it are exactly the issues that I had with the map. Thanks for listening to the community and for explaining the intent behind the decisions made.

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Very much appreciated and feels good to see you ARE listening. Are there any plans to release some of the mechanics of the ranked system? the ups and downs after matches are getting crazy. Also pplleeaassee tell me you all are looking into playlists for ranked? (slayer, tactical, objective, FFA)


All I see is bullcrap. I’ve played on the same damn map 6 times in a row with players that are cheating. Why don’t u fix the biggest problem with ur damn game the cheaters! And fix map rotation and fix ur damn matchmaking and ranked system -Yoink!- ain’t that hard bungie had it down but for some reason 343 can’t get it down just pathetic 6 years most expensive game ever made and it’s still runs like crap

I’d like to personally add my feelings about ranked in general in Infinite.

I personally would like to have the traditional ranked playlists back from Halo 5 and prior. I do not enjoy playing CTF or Oddball, I primarily enjoy Slayer and SWAT (Tactical Slayer in Infinite, please just go back to calling it SWAT for the love of Cortana).

Too often are we getting into ranked modes where people are not communicating or listening to their team mates in Ranked CTF/Oddball. Strongholds doesn’t seem to suffer this issue nearly as much but that’s because the objective is mostly clear so communication is not a strong requirement. But the fact that CTF and Oddball do, puts a lot of us using mics at a disadvantage when we match with 2+ players on the team that do not or will not talk (including text chat).

Can we please split up the ranked modes? I don’t think that anyone ever really asked for a combined ranking system in Infinite. You could argue that those who were in the flighting phases knew and could have spoken up about it, but I wasn’t in flighting and cannot speak on their behalf if they did or did not ask for this.


Yeah, the spawns definitely need to be improved on the map. But please don’t change anything else for casual. My friends and I enjoy it as it is a very enjoyable map where you can take your time planning attacks. Also, the large space, vehicles, and general look and feel of it are great and very refreshing as compared to the other smaller, claustrophobic maps and definitely feels more like the Halo we used to play.

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Great plan, I think the map has huge potential…maybe even blood gulch potential…ironically blood gulch was similar where there wasn’t a whole lot of cover but the spawns were very predictable on one side or the other and when a newer halo introduced mid map spawns there was immediate cover from multiple sides enabling escape and survivability…also where’s the plan for other fixes? Would help ease the community’s aggression I think and possibly save halos dramatic player decline.

This makes Shini happy.

Make the BR more difficult to use (that doesn’t mean more random) with a faster TTK and you will fix a lot of issues. This map can be saved by fixing the poor weapon balance.

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It’s not even that big, there was big 4v4 maps in previous Halo’s and I don’t remember people complaining this much. Hell in Halo 3 you could get Valhalla, Standoff, and Last Resort in 4v4 and I don’t remember it being this much of a problem. They just need to fix the spawns but it should remain in 4v4.


Why not a headquarters instead of oddball

How about fixing the ranking system? Literally look at halo tracker. Top stats for games and games in a row and gain nothing! 1 loss and you lose 15 points. Makes no sense like at all.

Or hard point of course :smiley:


certain maps for CTF should work the way they do in BTB. So Behemoth for example, should have its flags spawn in bottom mid, then they spawn in one of the two towers, then they spawn on each side.

Basically if the map is huge (Bazaar or Behemoth) you could do 4v4 CTF like you do 12v12 CTF, so flags don’t just stay in the same exact spot throughout the course of a match.

Ok, thank you for removing Behemoth in ranked.