Jan 26 - Ranked Playlist Update

Hey all – we wanted to share an update that we’ll be making to our ranked Arena playlists later this morning. We appreciate the steady flow of feedback that you all provide, and we’ll continue to make changes where we can based on that input.

To read up on today’s change, please see the section below:

What is happening?
Based on data and community feedback, we will be removing the map and mode pairing of Behemoth CTF from our ranked playlists for the time being. This change will come into effect this morning via an update in our online services and will not require a download.

Why is this happening?
We’ve seen enough data to show us that the map is not performing in ranked as intended. Most of this data revolves around spawning and effective cover around the map.

Spawning on the perimeter of the bases with a direct line of sight to the flag stand, in addition to BR 75 starts, is creating a more frenetic match pace than desired. This leaves players feeling that even a well-coordinated team push into the enemy base can fall apart quickly; resulting in flag pulls being much more difficult than they should be.

Similarly, players seem to be respawning in places that can often feel unpredictable and therefore frustrating to deal with. This goes for both attacking and defending teams.

There also appears to be a lack of viable cover opportunities throughout the map, which is exacerbated when all players are wielding a BR 75. As a result, players often find themselves engaged in firefights with limited options from the outside of the map.

Overall, we want to improve the Ranked CTF experience on the map before reintroducing it to these playlists.

What happens next?
We’re going to take some time to address the areas mentioned above and make changes to improve the ranked Behemoth experience. If we are confident that we are able to do so successfully, and verify that through rigorous testing, then we will consider adding it back into the ranked experience in the future.

Thank you again for playing and providing us with plenty of data and feedback on this. We’ll continue to monitor the performance of all our map and mode combos in Halo Infinite’s playlists throughout the life of the game.


Updating spawn locations would definitely help… And not just for Behemoth.


Please test Behemoth with Big Team Battle. It’s one of the bigger 4v4 maps and I think it could work and be really fun with a 10v10 mode or 12v12!


Massive W for the ranked playlist! Thank you for listening to the feedback.


When is rejoin going to be added though…


Please add swat to ranked while you’re at it


How about we just not consider Behemoth in ranked anymore? Leave it for social playlists only.


Thank god. I’ve never quit a game faster than loading into CTF behemoth in ranked


Social is even worse. You spawn in the open with only SK and AR, while there are enemies around with BR, sniper and vehicles. You often don’t have a chance of fighting back. Most horrible map ever, i always imidiately quit when Behemoth comes up in social. That map is never fun.


You must like BR starts on everything.


Sooo how about an update on the Desync? BTB? Roadmap? Pathetic shop prices? Forge? Co-op?


You guessed wrong, i like the AR+SK start in social. But that just doesn’t work with Behemoth.

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I am more excited about how many modes this update will break.


This is why I don’t like having BRs as a starting weapon for objective game modes (ranked or not) because it’s too easy in the hands of a strong team to trap the other team I to a spawn killing.

I honestly think the easiest and quickest solution for this problem is not having BRs as the starting weapon for objective game types. I also believe the better player, and or team, is those who can dominate with any variety of weapons provided instead, of only just one.

Either way, glad this issue has received attention progress is being made towards it.


This is amazing news, and completely needed. Thanks for listening on this.

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I’m still getting BTB challenges, I thought they were disabled?

So we have 3 maps in ranked now and still only 1 playlist. This games a joke :clown_face:


If this was my Forge Map, I would try:

  • Removing 1 of those two Sniper Towers. This would also help to orientate, since it’s not symmetrical anymore (right now every direction looks the same).
  • Scrap the idea of using Vehicles on this map
  • Re-Structure the road which circles the map. Since Vehicles don’t matter anymore, you don’t need a road/level surface. This way you could play around with obstacles and terrain, which could be used as cover.

Scrapping the Banshee from this map yes but, not the Gig and Ghost. I think it plays well considering you have plenty of counter weapons/grenaded.

Instead removing a sniper tower to help with what direction you need to go quickly, I think adding some lights and color to each tower and to each side of the base will do more than just fine. Easy as adding red and blue hues to either side along with coloring the towers.

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