Jackal Major Pain

Hello Halo Fans. This is just a quick question. I have almost every commendation for the “Covenant Destroyer” commendation. The only problem is that I can’t very many Jackal Majors. They are the last thing I need to kill in mass to get the destroyer commendation. Does anyone now a Spartan Ops level or two that has plenty of Jackal Majors?

Hacksaw I think

this is a Jackal and this is not a jackal

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Check out this guys stuff, he charted out how many of each enemy is on every level.

spartan ops chart

Play Heroic or Legendary. That will help.

Just do E4C3 Random Transport. You get like 5-7 Jackal Majors at the start, on Easy, not to mention there’s no unskippable cutscene to deal with.