I know that 343 said Halo CE Anniversary would be only a graphical upgrade of Halo CE, but what about vehicle jacking? I think that would be a acceptable thing to tune. Although I don’t really care and it might be better just the way it is but what do you guys think?

They won’t add or remove anything concerning gameplay.

No all they are changing is the graphics which makes me happy.

We don’t need wehicle jacking when we have a fully loaded AR :]

Why viehicle jack if you have got the ultimate shotgun.

HCEA’s campaign will be exactly like H:CE’s with the exception of new graphics, a terminal-like device in each level that gives you a bit of additional info, and (although I’m not sure if this is true) a few new easter eggs.

Should only be able to be done on Ghosts, marine driven ones.

A marine tries to run you over. What do you do?

A) stick it
B) stand there
C) move out of the way
D) crouch
E) frag him
F) run away with him in pursuit
G) taunt him
H) make a last stand
I) get on it and kick him out

Do you know how neat the last one would be? We would finally have a more rewarding way to punish them for betrayal attempts.

Why board rather than press [insert button] to get them out? Because sometimes, if you try to go up to them, they splatter you. It would be better if a boarding prompt appeared.