IWHBYD skull quotes

I was very disappointed that there wasn’t anywhere near as much humor in Reach that there was in Halo 3 with the IWHBYD skull on. Here is a list of quotes from Halo 3 with the skull turned on
So I’ve set out on a journey to find out if the IWHBYD skull actually has an effect in Reach…and I found it.Here are a couple that I’ve found. I’ve found others, I just need to upload them to my file share. I’ve heard only a couple other quotes that are funny, but other than that, all of these are new to me.
Robot Voice
Sigma Octanus IV (10 points if you know about that planet)
Starry Night (another 10 points if you get what he’s referencing to
My war cry (the noise is coming from the Trooper the video is focused on.)

Videos from other players
Wort Wort Wort (from bs angel’s youtube)
Emile’s best line
Johnson’s best line (possibly not IWHBYD but still funny)
Kat’s giggle
Marty (or I?) will always love you
Your mother
Grunt taste