i've waited to long for forge

OK i have waited so long for forge and i have lost my patience it comes this week but they are too lazy to announce to release date the week of release and i’m also tired of speculating they will announce the release date on the day it comes out and so yea i’m actually on my PlayStation right now cause i’m sick for waiting for reach and wars to come out on Xbox one and forge aswell

They can’t announce the actual release date. The update has to go through Microsofts certification progress, and there is no way for them to tell when that will happen.

Waiting to long for Forge is kinda redundant, no? You can wait for Forge. You can long for Forge. But both? Probably not.

If you think its laziness that’s keeping 343 from announcing a release date, I think I’d question whether or not you understand the world around you. Also, struggling with a final day or two after waiting nearly two months…not a great look.

Good for you?

Okay. Have fun with your PS games.