I've uninstalled the game

Making it so that you have to complete regular challenges before getting more special event challenges broke me. I’ve uninstalled the game and won’t be coming back until the systems are completely reworked. I think that’s the only way that 343 will seriously consider reworking these systems.


This isn’t helping us get anything fixed. If you just go away and ignore the game there will be less voices to fight back against those who cater to the current system.


No bro, that is legitimately the best way of going about it if you are that opposed to it.

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It is pretty clear after 6 months of not listening to our feedback they don’t give a damn. Making MP F2P was strictly to increase profits and the tactics they are doing is for that very reason.

O and gunbalance is abysmal, netcode is dog -Yoink!-, sbmm has no place in social, map variety and quantity is a joke. No forge or coop after 6 years of development? Yea nah I am good. The game is DoA and 343i as a company has turned into corporate shills.


Please come back. Things will change.

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343 will be forced to act if their numbers drop.


I have to agree more the monetisation scheme is subtle yet aggressive at the same time. I don’t blame them for wanting to make money off their game - but this is beyond crule.


Sorry, but I have to disagree with you here. 343 is a company at the end of the day, and the primary goal of every company is to make a profit. While keeping players happy is an important part of that, it’s not as important if people are still playing the game and spending money in a way that keeps them turning a profit.

If you’re not having any fun with the game, then yeah, move on. Maybe try again in a few weeks/months. Nobody should judge you for that.
If you are having fun, then uninstalling the game seems like an ineffective form of protest. It would be better to keep playing and voicing your criticisms, protest by not purchasing anything.

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-Yoink!- on your most hardcore fans before the official release of a 10 year live service game is a great way to make profits my man.

It sucks because I feel like with how much they’ve tried to exploit our good faith here, I can never be as excited for a new Halo game as I was for this one again.

I mean rationally suggesting how to improve the system will also help

With the reworked challenges I was able to do 8 weekly challenges in one hour, four of which were event. My active challenges should take like, thirty more minutes tops before I get more event challenges. Maybe your challenges suck this week, but if you can’t play a few hours over the course of a week to get your event challenges, then 343 probably won’t notice that you’re gone.

have fun with that buddy

I try not to direct reply just to disagree, but this is wrong to the point that it needs doing.

What is the negative effect on 343 if you don’t give them money, but play the game? Nothing. If you weren’t already spending money, it would be 6 months before they can sell you another battle pass (the mtx that the most people bought). You weren’t a spender in the first place, so you don’t matter.

If you keep playing, you are helping them by contributing to “daily players” stats, and the ease of matchmaking. You become a “customer bot”, a placeholder to fill out the game roster, and look at the cosmetics the whales bought.

If you have a fundamental objection to the approach 343i has taken, you have the most impact by ceasing to play (uninstalling is great too!)


There is probably a good amount of truth in what you are saying. My point is that it is going to be way easier for 343 to turn non-paying players into payers than it is to bring in new players that are payers. So they will be focusing (and tracking data) to get the non-payers to get their wallets out. Sure, you are filling in the ranks as a free player, but 343 is going to look at the data of all the players that play but not pay and say “what can we do to get them to buy something?” You’ll have a much more convincing voice as a player.

I’m getting pretty close to uninstalling H:I MP pretty soon. I decided not to renew game pass since I can just buy MCC next time it’s on sale and if I really want to play online on my Xbox again I’ll buy the cheaper Xbox Live Gold. But until I have proof campaign doesn’t suck (because I’m not taking the word of YouTubers under embargo) I’ll pass and I’ll probably wait out multiplayer till they revert it to classic Halo (which you know they will, look at how they fixed H4, H5, and MCC after we screamed at them for a decade)


I’ve decided to give it away also, just disappointed with it, gunplay isn’t to my liking and aim assist, well…. Plus playing from Australia and getting unacceptable ping games. Overall though I just haven’t enjoyed one single game, pretty sad.

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Best of luck on future endeavors