I've noticed something missing from the Recent MCC blog

Notice how there’s a complete lack of acknowledgement of the backlash against MCC MTX in the current MCC news post, says a lot about how fast people are gonna abandon MCC when 343 ignores the community on this one.


Most likely because it isn’t related to the archive team? Despite what people say, 343 very much sees what’s happening on this forum among others. It was pretty clear the Digsite post wasn’t intended to be a holistic update on the state and future of the MCC. I look forward to read more about the digsite’s efforts and the post should be largely applauded for their dedication to preserving Halo’s history.

That said we do need more transparent communication from 343, but it looks like the best we have are somewhat monthly updates.


I know I just wish 343 would say SOMETHING on the matter, even if it’s just a tweet on their official page.

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That monthly updates part is what worries me. I believe 343 is trying to stay radio silent on the MCC MTX situation as long as possible till the hate dies down and then claim there never was any to begin with once they start getting hate for going through with MTX in MCC. It’s scummy company microtransactions setup 101

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In the original blog, they said it was being discussed internally. They likely haven’t made a derision yet.


I’d bet 10 Season points they’ll “unanimously” decide to add MTX to MCC to “Help the community”.

There’s another idea, trade season points with other players.

EDIT: I shouldn’t say trade, that was the incorrect terminology. I should have said gift. That way players with everything unlocked and a surplus of points can help out other players who may not have much time to play.


They did the same with Infinite, then only going to Twitter to blame everyone else for not understanding it.
Ironically they were sort of right though as it ended up being worse than what most people, like myself, expected.

Don’t expect much from the group of people that have the only goal of trying to squeeze as much money as possible from the customers.


Honestly though… custom games with built in season points buy-in would be dope. 1v1 me bro.

Only if people can buy in and gamble on the winners. My money’s on putridD_v3! Five points down on putridD_v3!