I've Never Played.. Should I?

I’ve never played Halo Wars. Being that I’m a fan of Halo, should I? I’m not a fan of real time strategy games so I’m wondering if it’s for me or not.

Yes and No.

the cutscenes are amazing
different way to play a Halo Game
infinite ways to complete a level
introduction to new vehicles

If you don’t like waiting for supplies to do something, then don’t play

That was the main reason that I wanted to play (cutscenes and story).

If you like rts games, this is the one for you.

It has a great story, and it is all canon. I’m not spoiling anything for you by saying this. It takes place 20 years before the first Halo, and yes it does have the flood. This is canon because according to a story in Halo Evolutions, ONI knew about the flood before the events of Halo CE, but they kept it top secret.

I enjoy the Halo universe as a whole, so being able to play it in a different context other than FPS is a cool thing to do.

> That was the main reason that I wanted to play (cutscenes and story).

> That was the main reason that I wanted to play (cutscenes and story).

It’s a nice game for story and the lore is very satisfying, but if you want a game to spend a lot time on, Halo Wars shines brightest in its multiplayer. You can spend months (if not years) getting better and learning more about the game, just be warned that the High Level community is not the most accommodating group of people and we aren’t going to go easy on you. The story alone will probably take you >15 hours to explore pretty much everything, so expect to get online if you want this game at its best.

Its pretty much worth it just for the story aspect if you are a big halo fan. I think it will grow on you unlike other rts games its not quite the same as most. Also like has been mentioned there are beautiful cutscenes. The additional story is very entertaining and on top of that there are hidden objects on every campaign map that will provide additional, stand-alone story, timeline style (found off of main menu for reading). Its replay value is good real easy to get hooked, just got to not get frustrated at mp because there arent that many newbies left and you’ll probably get your butt kicked a few times. Also if you play against higher ranks expect them to attack you faster than you think possible because almost all do, my only real advice for you going into mp.

Just be careful, and don’t spoil it for the guy. I can see sometime getting caught up in the ending and telling what happens.

Well you say in your post that you arn’t much of a fan of RTS games, I’d say yes give it a go the campaign is pretty good. Skirmish the A.I ect. If you Like the gameplay give MP a go. Just ought to warn you playing MP is nothing like playing against A.I so it will probably take you a while to get the hang of MP.